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Round 1, Challenge #1

welcome to our very first challenge! woot.

This challenge is for users who have signed up, but you still have a chance to join before voting is up for this challenge.

This challenge Im giving you 3 images to choose from, you must make ONE icon out of them and post it here before the deadline is up.

Entries: 5/7

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just letting you know that we are starting up with the first challenge tomorrow. so hang in there ^_-

if you havent signed up yet you still can!
Hey folks, sorry for the wait, just waiting on about 2 more members so we can start, even if we dont get those we'll star this week anyway so no worries.

anyone interested in donating us a layout? xD not something too crazy though, Im not big on colors. lol

check out claire_lims round 2 sign ups are now open.

Skip Post

Skips might be useful to you. Each participant automatically has the right to skip one challenge. If you pimp this community in your journals, communities, on your website, etc (before signing-up closes), you may post the link to the entry or page you've pimped or plugged it on and I will give you the right to skip an extra challenge for each time you've pimped this community. It must be a public entry. If you pimp it once, you will have two skip rights. If you pimp it twice, you will have the right to skip three challenges, and so on. Even though you have the rights to skip challenges, please try to enter all challenges unless you're too busy or something.

post the links to you pimping HERE and I will grant you a skip.

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Round 1 Sign Ups

Please make sure you have already joined the community, before you apply to join this round of challenges! It would be advisable to friend the community as well.

If you wish to participate in the challenge, sign up here. Just comment with your username and you will be added to the sign up list. It doesn't matter what your skill level is, everyone can join no matter how good they are. Please read the community's RULES in the Community Profile. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Do not sign up if you don't plan on participating. If you're only here to watch or vote, just friend the community, don't join in this post.

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Affiliate Post

if you would like to affiliate with jericho_lims please comment in this post and I will add you right up.



Okey, so this is the very first time Im doing this but bare with me because Im really excited about it xD

now gotta go fetch me some ideas.