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Round 1 Challenge #3

Welcome to Challenge #3.

-You must be signed up to participate.
- One icons per person.

This challenge Im giving you 2 caps to play with.

Entries: 3/4

- Icons must suit LJ rules and standards [No larger than 40KB and 100x100 pixels. Smaller is allowed.]
- Don't post icons anywhere until voting is over, all should remain anonymous. Comments are screened.
- Post your entries as a comment to this post only. Please include the URL as well as the image itself.
- One entry per person only.
- You may not use any other pictures than the one provided [if any are provided]. Brushes, textures, etc is allowed.
-you may not blend pictures given.
- if you for some proper reason cannot enter this challenge please inform me of a SKIP, if you fail to enter and inform of a skip one will be taken off you. if you have non left you will be disqualified.
- Images are Due Friday the 20th 1 PM GMT

C A P S:

Have fun =]

Tags: challenge #3, round 1
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